One Ducatus Per Person on the Planet

Our vision for Ducatus Coin is singularly bold – to be the most usable cryptocurrency in the world.

7,778,742,049 Ducatus Coins have been created following the principles of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. In the future, once all Ducatus Coins have been distributed, they would equal the number of people in the world.

Inspired by the ancient Roman trading coin and fuelled by the revolutionary spirit that created digital money, Ducatus Coin presents an alternative form of financial exchange – one that is inclusive, unique and offers boundless possibilities.


About Ducatus Coin


Cryptocurrency for everyday living

Ducatus Coin is designed for usability. It advocates real-world acceptance of digital money with cashless, borderless and secure financial transactions.

It is supported by a growing group of affiliate businesses that form the nucleus of the Ducatus Crypto-Economy. These businesses make it possible for every Ducatus user to perform everyday financial exchanges using Ducatus Coin – from paying for the morning coffee to purchasing one’s dream home. Along with this unique infrastructure is the growing Ducatus Network community which helps distribute the Ducatus Coin globally through sales. Their collective achievements so far has taken Ducatus Coin to 180 countries all around the world.

Ducatus Coin Fast Facts

Earning Opportunity

A business backed by an experienced and professional global management team with expertise in financial technology, strategic marketing and entrepreneurship, as well as investments and trade.

Ducatus Coin is a fork of Litecoin and thus uses scrypt as the basis of a Proof of Work algorithm.

Ducatus Coin is faster and capable of 10x faster fund transfers than Bitcoin due to 1minute block times.

The Ducatus blockchain was launched and the first live public Ducatus transaction was executed by our CEO Ronny Tome with Dustin Trammell at the Ducatus European Summit in Rome.

By January 2020, nearly 1 Billion Ducatus Coins have been sold


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How to get Ducatus Coins?

Your Ducatus Coin experience starts when you download the Ducatus e-wallet.

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Ducatus Coin may be purchased in various ways, online, preloaded in Ducatus Tangem cards or from partners in the Ducatus Network community.

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